February 22, 2016

Roman Birthday - Monday Post

As soon as she mentioned this idea it made perfect sense. Of course. She had never been to Roma & I had never had a birthday there and Italia is simply put always a good idea.

We jumped on the plane Friday afternoon & found our way through the little bit of Italian crazy public transportation till we finally emerged in Piazza del Popolo. One of my all time favourite places of the city. Two days filled to the brim with southern light, a stroll around the entire eternal city and of course many, many images. 
We talked to strangers, stood on street corners, did excessive people watching, had far to few cappuccini, accidentally met a wedding photographer from Venice, ate till we could no more and saw the pope. 

So, this mini-birthday-Roma-escape just happened. 

Oh happiest of places. Why on earth did I wait so long to come back?
It truly makes no sense at all. 

Be assured there is more on its way.

Glorious new week to you!! 

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