February 10, 2016

Sunrise Family Shooting in Stuttgart

It is not often that we get to document life after the wedding day passed. But it is an all bigger joy when we do. We photographed Silvia´s & Marcos´wedding over two years ago & I have to say... to this day it is marked in my memory as one for the books. 
Not only had they the most beautiful castle-by-the-lake location and jaw-dropping gorgeous style. Their family is what made it so special. Their love overflowing and the joy in every corner of the castle.

Imagine my happy anticipation as I learned they had won the shooting with me, which we gave away for the studio opening!
Oh welp! 

We met early one morning at a little corner of the city which is part of their every day life. 
The sun was just getting ready for a gorgeous day & I was in family-shoot-heaven when I saw them walking up to me.
Once more, totally in love with their style. 
Silvia announced the hight probability that Isabel would not get over her shy self well in advance. Just so I would not be disappointed if we did not get any images all together. 

Let me tell you! 
The opposite happened!
Isabel rocked this little shoot of ours. As in big times!
But see it for yourselves!

Gosh I love Isabel´s dress!
I mean nautical style, my heart!

Silvia, Marcos & Isabel! It was my utmost joy! 
Thank you for this time! So looking forward to see you again!

Have the most wonderful day!!!

PS, find their dream wedding right here.
And the location was Eugensplatz, Stuttgart.

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