February 8, 2016

Improvising - For Just One Night - Monday Post

The whole wedding party was just headed outside again for one more game which required space & open air. I was finding my way around the guests looking for angles and such as I felt that the flash, which usually comes on after sunset, was loose. 
Another glance confirmed what I had only recognised on the run. The flash was about to fall off! 
*insert mute, inward gasp while smiling perfectly my everything is under control smile...

Calmly I placed the camera on the floor. Checked the second one, switched lenses & hurried back to the scene of the crime. 
Actually I am trying to carry less two and more just one camera with me, but in this instance I was glad I had the second one strapped right to me. For the time to run back inside & change at the bag would have eaten a lot of the game highlights.

As games were over I checked with the DJ and found some very usable tape to fix my flash on the camera for the rest of the night. Much to my surprise the connection between the two worked and I was able to continue with both my camera babies.

It felt so good to know I have a back up. I could have easily proceeded for the rest of the night with one flash. Still it was fun to improvise an easy fix.
And maybe I should add this tape to my handbag. You know, just in case ;)
After this I felt I could fix almost anything with tape.

Another  unique highlight was meeting with a childhood friend of mine on this swell winter wedding. We were class mates for nine years and her brother (the groom) and my brother were in the same class as well.
We shared the best laughter, then and now. 
She carries enormous joy and maybe, just maybe we were scolded for laughing to much in school.

Have the most joyous week ya´ll!!

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  1. Great performance without even practicing, how people got so much talent. I really got impressed by reading this and looking forward to more.