February 15, 2016

A Monday Letter

This morning I had the feeling to call a friend. Since she is currently working on a ship with OM and you never precisely know whether she is in safe waters or some remote phone-desolated region. I decided to record her a voice memo on WhatsApp. This way she could listen to it, whenever the connection would allow.
Those little things are a blessing in disguise, don´t you think?

I had entirely forgotten about the rough day coming her way and spoke a prayer over her, while I was in my snug kitchen warming my hands with the first cup of café, looking at the gray sky above. Speaking a little uncoordinated I felt goose pumps and hoped she would soon be able to hear my little spoken letter.

Some seasons in life require us to move on and leave things behind. 
Other days and months it takes more courage to stay where you are, while everybody else is leaving. 
It takes courage, strength and perseverance to stay on. 
To try harder, to take old and and make it new. 
To welcome change.
Some days, staying is what truly freaks the crap out of us. 
But those days shape our heart. They make us who we are. Those days, when we press in and try again and again and again to give our best. 
To stay positive. 

To live the dream.

Those are the rewarding ones.
Even if we do not feel it.

It will pay off.

I do not know which season of life your are encountering this week. To stay & work hard, or to close the door and find a new way to pursue.
Which ever it is. I hope you find wisdom in distinguishing one from the other.

This friend of mine, had internet today and was in touch within short minutes. She had tears in her voice and so did I in my eyes. Some days, to share from the heart is the only rewarding thing you can do. To call, to write, to share. Simply show that you care. Maybe you feel the same?
Let them know!

Be inspired! So glad you are here.

Happy Monday to ya´ll!!

PS, if you like the winter landscape images make sure to check the Blog on Wednesday. A new wedding is on your way. ;)

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