February 17, 2016

Winter Wedding in Jena, Thüringen

It started as a quiet day. With the first expectant look out of the window. Checking whether the snow was heavy or light. The streets free of ice. You see, this wonderful wedding day started in a fortress on a hill not far from my first home.

I just happily loved each and every single moment of this day! The frosting on each tree, the lanes leading up the hills, the jaw-dropping elegant bride, their happy faces during the first dance, all the friends and family assembled.

It was one of my brothers school friends tying the knot. And with that the whole day turned into a mini reunion for me as well, since I went to school with Till´s sister.
Dear Michelle & Till, thank you so very much for asking me along! It was an honour & a joy! 
I loved your take on the day. The way you put friends first & your winter, frosting details.
And especially the portraits in outside! 

Thank you for being so awesome together!

And then we went outside :) 

Loved taking their portraits!

 Slope on the cake?
Yes, please!

Have the most joyous Wednesday ya´ll!!

Find the Portrait location here and the wedding singers here.


  1. All of these photographs are looking gorgeous . A lot of thanks for this post , thanks .

  2. Fantastic pictures. I was really enjoying these from the beginning. Thanks